We Are Spartan Consulting

We are a dynamic, solutions-minded organization that tailors unique business strategies for clients across a wide variety of industries.

Our Team

We’re a close team of consultants with the drive and ability to deliver meaningful results on a wide variety of engagements. We take pride in delivering only the best.


Spartan Consulting was formed as a corporation in 1997 in the state of Michigan. Our President, Kevin Hill, and our Executive Board, define policies and develop a strategic vision. Although our general consulting body is made up of a wide array of students from exceptionally talented academic backgrounds, the Advisory Board serves as a resource that drives an even stronger sense of quality to our consulting projects.


With more than 30 professionals and more than $230K in revenues 2013-2015, Spartan Consulting is a leader in consultative services. Our MBA candidates provide exceptional value because of their unique skill sets and diverse backgrounds.


Spartan Consulting believes in strengthening our communities, as do our clients. Our initiatives create shared value by enhancing our strategic positioning and supporting client growth in the various communities within Michigan.

  • Kevin Hill

    Class of 2017, Supply Chain Management
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  • Rachit Shah

    VP of Operations
    Class of 2017, Supply Chain Management
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  • Qian Yang

    VP of Finance
    Class of 2017, Finance
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  • Farah Ferdous

    VP of Human Resources
    Class of 2017, Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management
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  • Melody Buckley

    VP of Marketing & Business Development
    Class of 2017 Human Resource Management,
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  • Ajay Singh

    VP of Sales
    Class of 2017, Supply Chain Management
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Our Services

We believe that consulting should be straightforward. We strive to provide a great customer experience that clients will remember, and we offer cutting edge business insights that add value to companies of all sizes.


We have expertise in accounting, corporate finance, pricing, and more. We help companies with their financial management, budgeting, and reporting needs as well as driving value-creation for all stakeholders.

Human Resources

We have expertise in change management, communications, recruiting, training, and more. Our clients rely on our ability to navigate complex and diverse issues surrounding human capital management to produce sustainable competitive advantages with their employees and business goals.


We have expertise in advertising, customer segmentation, sales and market strategy, and more. We align marketing goals with business needs to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and retention with measurable results in both business-to-business and direct-to-consumer markets.

Supply Chain Management

We have expertise in logistics, operational efficiency, performance measurement, and more. Through MSU’s highly ranked supply chain management program, we also have unique and direct access to a vast network of industry experts.

Business Strategy

We have expertise in benchmarking, process improvement, sustainability, and more. By assessing business goals and important environmental factors such as (but not limited to) trends, growth opportunities, and scalable innovations, we develop effective, cost-efficient strategies that minimize risk.

Information Technology

We have expertise in data analytics, system assessments, capabilities sourcing, and more. We assist clients by focusing their technology efforts where they need it most, and developing the architectures, processes, and sourcing strategies that will serve their short-and long-term goals.

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